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Let's be clear about this.

Let's be clear about this.

I'm a private person and I like to respect people's space.

I expect the same from you. That's why I created a few ground rules for this site.

What I expect from you and what you should expect from me

  • I'm not perfect and I'll probably misspell something or get a fact wrong. Don't be a jerk about it. Politely let me know and I'll fix the problem, okay?
  • You're here because you want to be. If you don't like something, leave, opt-out, whatever. No need to get big brother on me. Just do your thing and I'll do mine.
  • I communicate with people like you through this website, my email list, social media, and a few other ways. I abide by the terms & conditions and privacy policies that these platforms set. I'd never steal, share, or sell your data – but I can't speak for them (bastards). If you want to know what services I'm using so you can keep your data snip-snap and zipped up, just let me know.
  • Sometimes I put little tracking codes on this website. I might use the data I gather to serve up ads or improve the way users like you flow through the site. I don't really care what you do and most of this data shows you as an anonymous little spider crawling through the web of pages I've spun. But I do use third-party services to gather this data, and like I said before, I don't know what the hell they do with it. If you're interested in knowing what I use, send me a message and I'll drop some names so you can research your little heart away.
  • I also sell things on this site. You might want to buy a book from me (I hope you do) or whatever. I'm most likely using third-party tools to process payments and serve up those products to you. What I said before applies here too. Got it?
  • Wherever possible, I use encryption and tools that give you choice in your own privacy. You can opt-out whenever you want and if you really don't like something you can always leave the site and delete your cookies (more for me, just leave the milk).
  • If you think I could handle something better, just let me know. Like I said, I'm not perfect and I'm always looking for better ways to do things.

Thanks for listening. Appreciate you being here. Now that that's over, let's get on with it.

– Mike Doane