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"And They Shall Inherit the Earth"

"And They Shall Inherit the Earth"

Mike Doane

A fable about the suffering of a family who began as slaves in America and worked their way up to the higher echelons.

They say it takes fifteen generations for the poor to become kings, and for this family it is true.

But they suffered.

In the fields of Georgia, in the bayous of Louisiana, in the streets of Baltimore. They suffered.

Eventually, they make it, and with them so many other young folks in this generation and generations to come. They are the majority now and they have inherited America.

But angry Mr. Businessman comes crashing down on them, rallying battle cries from the unsuspecting. He stands at the crossroads of tension and hatred.

Mr. Businessman believes in slavery - one way or another - but he keeps his slaves fed, and he attributes their troubles to those others.

"Mr. Businessman," the story begins, "I know I'm not equal. I know my place...

"I know I'm not equal, because I am far above you. My book tells me the meek will inherit the earth and here we are. Your time is up...

"I am entitled to nothing. Just. Like. You.

"And I've been patient...

"I've waited through desert plains and jungle, I've waited through the hulls of ships, through cotton fields and bayous, and I've waited through the violence of city streets...

"It's my turn and there's no one who will take what I've worked for. No one will turn my hard earned place to dust...

"It is I you will have to fight, Mr. Businessman. I, who will not cast a single stone and still reign victorious."

This is only the beginning. The rest is yet to be written. Will the words fall justly? What will be your role in this story unfolding?