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In Darkness Treasures Lie

In Darkness Treasures Lie

Mike Doane

Day 6 of Write Yourself Alive

Day 6 of my 30 days of writing challenge and I had to ask myself what type of stories is it I’m drawn to? I started off literal enough. That I’m drawn to stories that are to the point without sacrificing character or a believable world. I determined this might be a good joke told by my Grandfather, or a 200,000 word novel with a quick pace and solid message.

I then thought of genre and realized I’m not defined by it. So what is it then? What are the stories I relate to? And then it came to me. It’s those stories that inspire me. It’s those that leave me with a question, not an answer. The ones that pull at my heart strings, twist my guts, make my heart sing, and birth laughter and joy in me.

I was then to confront myself. What have I not forgiven myself for? We all have things we regret or that linger in our minds. Mine is not an event or action — it’s a disposition. It’s the non-events and inactions.

For this one I moved away from pen and paper. The rhythmic clickety-clank of an old timey typewriter can really get you in the mood to write. It really pulls your soul through your fingertips.

Here’s what I had to say:

In Darkness Treasures Lie
How could you let it go?
What was it that inspired such
weakness in your bones,
such a hard cowardly soul?
Think of what was at your fingertips,
and you let it slip away
for fear and uncertainty,
because of the simple unknowns.
Well let me tell you, kid,
that’s life.
You go on living like that,
you’ll spend the rest of your
days in misery, heavy hearted
with a soul on ice.
Time and time again your head has
stopped your heart. Time and time
you’ve missed out, turned down,
and backed away.
All for what?
A guiding light?
Well let me tell you — any light
you see out there is a fool’s light.
If you can’t brave the rocks,
you don’t deserve this life.
It’s in darkness treasures lie.
It’s through the fog you’ll
find what you’re looking for.
So stand tall, steer straight,
and go forth boldly.
It’s in the darkness you’ll find
the truest light.