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Focus and Consistent Action Over Time Equals Success

Focus and Consistent Action Over Time Equals Success

Mike Doane

How putting the work in every day will lead to expertise, authority, and success

When Jerry Seinfeld was asked what goes into writing a comedy set, he said, “That’s like asking God how much time goes into making an oak tree? I don’t know, I do it every day, I do it all day.” Narcissism aside, he makes a good point.

Success can be defined by a simple formula: focus and consistent action over time equals success. The greater your focus and more consistent your habits, the less time it will take to reach success. Easy as that.

When you’re successful, you’re an expert. When you’re an expert, the work is no longer an uphill battle. A one hour set for Seinfeld writes itself for the simple fact that he’s done so many. He’s already put the work in.

There are two challenges that may hinder success. The first is finding your focus. Defining what makes you tick, figuring out what you want to be known for, and making sure you can find an audience is often enough to stop us before we start.

The second challenge is forming habits that lead to consistent action over time. It’s hard to write every day or stick to a schedule. The only solution is to simply do the work.

There’s no better time to start than now. Plant a seed, watch your oak tree grow. It’s worth it.