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My Life as an Autobiographical Novel

My Life as an Autobiographical Novel

Mike Doane

Day 2 of Write Yourself Alive

Day 2 of Tyler Knott Gregson and Andréa Balt’s Write Yourself Alive was another success for me. Though I felt like I was short on time, I was able to sit down, put pen to paper, and let my words flow free.

Today’s prompt was to narrate a day in my life as if I were a character in an autobiographical novel. I was short on time so I put it in a poem. Here it is:

My Life as an Autobiographical Novel
Early morning and another day.
If only I could sleep a little
longer, slow wake, and take
in the day with a cup of
tea by the window.

Mid day and tired eyes.
Tethered to a desk I worked
so hard for but take for
granted. I long for more.

Late afternoon and reenergized.
Dirt at my heels and
trails at my head. A
pup by my side
and a heart full of joy.

Nighttime and winding down.
Time spent with my love
and my pen. My eyes
close, my body prepares for
another revolution on the wheel
of time.

What a great little exercise. How would you narrate your day?