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Second Elegy

Second Elegy

Mike Doane

Let my body burn as it once burned in life,
with passion on the path of wisdom.
Let the smoke raise my soul from its prison,
lift it to the heavens.

Bury the ashes in earth,  encase
the seed of a great maple within its womb.
Lift me once more into life, where body
meets soul, earth and sky,
great bones moving with the spirited wind.

Sorrow not, my friends… Rejoice!

Let your lightness lift me to a happy afterlife;
do not drag me to the darkest depths of hell
with laments and wails of grief.

I have been released from pain and suffering.
I now rest with joy, experience true wisdom,
ultimate and complete.

The great ouroboros of time will flow forth.
I will be forgotten with it. Let me burn,
rest, and rise from the ashes of my tomb in peace.