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Would You Be the One To Shelter Me?

Would You Be the One To Shelter Me?

Mike Doane

It’s a beautiful day here in the Baltimore area. Unnaturally warm and sunny for this time of year, especially considering the bitter windy cold we’ve had the past week or so.

Tyler Knott Gregson asked us Write Yourself Alive protegés to pay him tribute today. He asked us to write poems in his style and I am honored to do so. My fiancé, Emily, and I knew when we first found Tyler’s blog that he’d be something big someday and he’s lived up to it now. We’ve fallen so in love with his words that we’re going to have #1 of his Typewriter Series read at our wedding this upcoming May.

Now I’ve been writing typewritten stream of consciousness poems here and there since Emily bought me my first (of 4) typewriters four or five years ago for Christmas. I have them lying around in drawers among short stories and first chapters of novels I’ve never finished. Maybe I’ll share them someday.

This is all to say, I’ve been writing poems in the same spirit Tyler writes his for quite some time. So what I decided to do instead was pay him true tribute and write on a receipt, as he’s done with many of his poems. Most of my older poems are written on normal recycled white stock paper. But there’s something beautiful about pulling pages and torn scraps of paper from a book or life to give readers insight into your daily wanderings.

Would You Be The One To Shelter Me?

Would You Be The One To Shelter Me?
It’s the comfort
of your walls
I long for.
Would you have
me back again
if I came?
Would you be the
one to shelter
me from the wind?