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The Rhythm and Melody of Marketing

The Rhythm and Melody of Marketing

Mike Doane

How consistency keeps the beat, but surprise and delight keeps customers coming back

Marketing is a bit like music. There is rhythm and there is melody. When these come together we get harmony. Harmony in marketing can mean many things. It often translates to a recognizable brand, increased reach and more subscribers, and most importantly, steady sales over time.

Rhythm in marketing are those activities your customers come to expect. A monthly newsletter, regular social media updates, your weekly blog post. It’s that consistent reminder that you exist and have something to offer.

But rhythm can get stale all by itself. That’s where melody comes in.

Melody in marketing are those activities that surprise and delight customers. An exciting giveaway, a new product launch, industry research you’ve conducted and shared. These are valuable things to your customers and often solve their most pressing problems. They keep things interesting.

The beat goes on, but melody is what keeps people coming back, anticipating your next move. It’s where the value’s at.